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Breville Toaster Oven Problems And Fixes or Solution {TroubleShooting}

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Breville toaster oven problems and their fixes or solutions – Are you facing issues while using Breville toaster oven and looking for a solution? If yes, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we are going to talk about every possible problem or issue that you may encounter while using Breville toaster ovens and a quick solution of the problem.

Breville is the kitchen appliance brand that delivers innovation based on consumer insights, empowering people’s potential to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own kitchen. This is an Australian company founded in 1932 and this company is known for its amazing home appliances, blenders, coffee machines, toasters, kettles, microwaves, convection toaster ovens and regular toaster ovens. [Source]

When it comes to toaster ovens, Breville is one of the most popular brand among customers because of its highly powerful and reliable toaster ovens equipped with the latest technology. Well, there is no doubt that Breville smart ovens can make your cooking life easy and happier but sometimes, the advanced features may cause some issues to you. So, we have found all the possible issues that you can face and shared the solution so that you can solve the problem quickly.

Now, we are going to share the most common Breville smart oven problems that you may face and give you a solution to solve the problem quickly.

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Breville Toaster Oven Problems & Its Fix or Solution (Troubleshooting):

These are very common problems and can be solved easily but there are some issues that require help from experts. Firstly, we are going to share common issues that can be solved easily and after that, we are going to share issues for which you need to contact Breville customer support.

Problem 1: Oven will not switch “ON” or why my toaster oven is not switching on?


  1. Sometimes, we make a very silly mistake i.e. we forgot to insert the power plug in the outlet.
  2. Try inserting the power plug in a different outlet.
  3. You can also try to reset the circuit breaker.

Note: If it still doesn’t turn on then you should try to change your Breville thermal fuse. To know how to change thermal fuse step by step, you need to keep reading this article.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 2: How to get LCD default settings back or Reset Breville toaster oven?

Solution: Well, Breville smart ovens are programmed in such a way that it remembers your last settings of each cooking function. If you want to get your LCD default settings back, you need to remove the power plug from the power outlet and reinsert the plug again after 5 seconds. Boom! you will get your Breville default LCD settings back.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 3: Why my LCD display light has gone out?

Solution: This happens when your toaster oven goes into standby mode. The toaster oven goes to standby mode if it is not used for more than 10 minutes. In standby mode, the LCD screen will cease to illuminate, however, all function options will still be visible.

So, in order to reuse your oven, you need to press “START/CANCEL” button or turn any dialer button.

Some users complain that their toaster oven display lights are always on. Well, let me tell you that the display will turn off in case of standby mode or you turned off your toaster oven. In other cases, the display will remain on.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 4: Why the pizza does not cook evenly?

Solution: The problem arises when you try to cook a large pizza in a compact oven. In order to solve this problem, you need to open the oven door halfway through the cooking time and rotate the pizza 180 degrees for more even darkness and it will take care of the problem.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 5: Why Magnetic Auto-Rack Eject comes out too far when I open the door?

Solution: The problem arises when you open the door very fast. It is always recommended to open the oven door slowly and in a controlled manner.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 6: Why I cannot select the FROZEN FOODS button?

Solution: You can select the frozen foods button only in specific cooking functions i.e. toast, bagel, pizza and cookies.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 7: Why the water is dripping onto the counter from under the door of Breville oven?

Solution: You don’t need to worry as this is normal. The condensation created from high moisture content foods such as frozen breads will run down the inside of the door and can drip onto the counter.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 8: Why the steam is coming out from the top of the oven door?

Solution: This is also a normal condition and you don’t need to worry about anything. The stream comes out from the top of the oven door because the door is vented to release steam created from high-moisture content foods.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 9: Why the heating elements appear to be pulsing?

Solution: The heat inside the toaster oven is controlled by pulsing the power in heating element through smart element IQ technology. This is a normal situation and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Check this video for more information:

Problem 10: Why temperature reading on the LCD screen doesn’t match the temperature measured inside the oven?

Solution: The smart ovens by Breville are programmed in such a way that the preheat sound alerts at 75% of the target temperature. So, the temperature displayed on the LCD screen will not match the temperature inside the oven.

Problem 11: Why Breville toaster oven start button not working?

Solution: This is a very common problem that is faced by a lot of users in which whenever a user presses the start button, it triggers the convection fan button as well. The temporary solution to this problem is that you need to press the convection fan button first and then try to press the “Start / Pause” button. If you need a permanent fix then you need to get it fixed from Breville customer support.

The possible reason behind this issue is that one of the legs of the switch is no longer connecting to the circuit board or shorts which triggers the convection button. The temporary fix to this issue is the solution that we have mentioned above but if you want the permanent fix then you need to replace the on/off switch of your toaster oven.

If you are a technical guy then you can remove the switch which you don’t use like you can replace the on/off switch which °F/°C switch. You just need to fix the settings that you always use i.e. you can select °F or °C that you use then you can proceed forward to replace the switch with an on/off switch. If you didn’t understand this process then we suggest you to contact Breville customer support and get your toaster oven fixed by them.

Problem 12: Why Breville toaster oven door squeaks or door issues?

Solution: In the case of squeaks, when your toaster oven starts squeaking then the simple solution is to lubricate the door. You just need to buy a lubricate from the market and lubricate your oven doors. If you want us to mention the best lubricator for oven doors then please comment below and we will add the best lubricate for the oven door here.

In the case of door issues, the most common problem behind is the door spring which gets broken due to long usage, unexpected burns or rust. You need to get your door spring replaced.

If can replace it yourself then we suggest you to open your oven’s door then collect the broken door springs. Go to any nearest hardware store and show them your broken spring. They will give you new springs and you just need to add the new door springs in your toaster oven and it will fix your problem. If you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to open your toaster oven and replace it then we suggest you to hire a professional to do it or contact Breville customer support.

Problem 13: Why Breville toaster not heating?

Solution: There can be 3 reasons that the toaster oven is not heating:

  • Thermal fuse issue (Check this guide to change thermal fuse)
  • Heating elements issue
  • Thermostat issue (Part number: SP0010487 – This part number is showing discontinued online but you can go to your nearest store and ask for this part. Well, you won’t find it in most cases but you will get its alternate for sure.)

You can have any of these three issues in your toaster oven when it no longer heats. We suggest you check out this video below to find the issue and fix it yourself:

Problem 14: Convection fan making noise too loud or fan not working?

Solution: In the case of a convection fan making loud noises, the fan motor bushing is not good or your fan wants some silicone lubricant spray but if you have just ordered a new toaster oven and the fan is making noise then we suggest you to get your toaster oven replaced.

In case of convection fan not working or doesn’t turn on, you can try using silicone lubricant spray. Check out this video below:

Problem 15: The temperature is changing when the convection button is pressed?

If you are worried about the smart oven temperature changing when the convection button is pressed then you need to calm down. This is quite normal. In Breville smart ovens, the temperature is calibrated to compensate for the convection fan increasing cooking rates so there is no need to worry about anything.

Problem 16: Why noise is coming from the control panel in the Breville oven?

The noise from the control panel comes when the temperature of your toaster oven has gone above 302°F/150°C. If your toaster oven temperature is above 302°F/150°C then an electronic cooling fan is turned on. The noise that comes from the control panel is basically the noise of the fan. The fan remains off when the temperature is below 302°F/150°C.

When the oven is over 302°F/150°C the electronics cooling fan is turned
ON. Below 302°F/150°C the fan is OFF

The above issues are very common issues that many users face and people can fix these issues on their own but there are some problems for which you need help from experts. So, if you find the following issues in your toaster oven then stop using the toaster oven and call Breville customer support for a quick solution.

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Why Breville Smart Oven LCD is displaying E01/ E02/ E03/ E04/ E05 Errors?

Breville LCD Display Errors Solution
The LCD screen displays “E01” error This is a non-resettable issue. The only E01 error fix is that you should remove the power plug from the outlet immediately and call Breville customer support.
The LCD screen displays “E02” error This is a non-resettable issue. The only E02 error fix is that you should remove the power plug from the outlet immediately and call Breville customer support.
The LCD screen displays “E03” error This issue arises when the oven temperature is above the set maximum limit. Remove the power plug from the outlet and let the oven cool down for 15-20 minutes and plugs the power plug-in outlet. If the issue still arises then call Breville customer support.
The LCD screen displays “E04” error This issue arises when the room temperature is
below the set minimum limit. You need to relocate the toaster oven to a warmer area.
The LCD screen displays “E05” error This is a non-resettable issue. The only E05 error fix is that you should remove the power plug from the outlet immediately and call Breville customer support. It can occur due to many issues like lock switch error, EOC failure etc.
The LCD screen displays “E06” error This is a non-resettable issue. The only E06 error fix is that you should remove the power plug from the outlet immediately and call Breville customer support.

These solutions can be used on all toaster oven models launched by Breville i.e. BOV900BSS, BOV845BSS, BOV800XL, BOV650XL, BOV450XL etc.

Now, we are going to share a method through which you can change the thermal fuse of your Breville toaster oven easily.

How Do You Change a Thermal fuse on a Breville toaster oven?

1) Firstly, you need to buy a new thermal fuse. You can get one from the local stores or you can simply follow the below links to purchase a new one for yourself.

2) Take a screwdriver and start removing all the screws

breville smart oven repair thermal fuse

3) After removing the screws, take off the back panel slowly. Now, you will see that there is an inner panel and you need to take off the screws of the inner panel too.

how to change breville thermal fuse

4) On the left side of the inner panel, you will see insulation and you will find the thermal fuse in brackets screwed to the oven wall behind this insulation.

breville smart oven repairing

5) Take out the thermal fuse slowly by removing the insulation. Please make sure that you don’t damage the insulation.

breville thermal fuse

6) You can check whether the thermal fuse is working or not using a multimeter. If there is no reading on the multimeter then you need to replace the fuse with the new one by cutting the old fuse using crimp connectors.

7) After replacing the old fuse with the new one, you need to place the thermal fuse inside the brackets and fix it at its place.

8) Now, cover the fuse with the insulation that you have removed earlier and re-screw the inner panel and then back panel.

9) Now, turn on your smart toaster oven by Breville.

That’s it. You have successfully replaced thermal fuse in your Breville toaster oven. You can also check out the video below for a detailed visual guide.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1- Why did my toaster oven stop working?

There can be multiple reasons behind your toaster oven stop working. You can try inserting the power plug in a different outlet or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem is still there then please try to change the thermal fuse. We have added a set by step guide to change Breville toaster oven thermal fuse at home above.

Q2- How do you turn off a Breville toaster oven?

To turn off a Breville toaster oven, you need to press the “Start / Cancel” button. Your oven will turn off when the LCD light stops illuminating. You can also take the power plug out of the power outlet to turn off Breville toaster oven.

Q3- How long is Breville warranty?

Most of the Breville toaster oven has 1 year warranty but some toaster oven like BOV900BSS has 2 year warranty. So, you should check it manually while purchasing it.

Q4- Does a Breville toaster oven have a fuse?

Yes, the Breville toaster oven does have a fuse inside it. The thermal fuse is a safety measure which protects the toaster oven from any sort of electrical overload.

Q5- What is the snowflake button on my Breville toaster oven?

The snowflake symbol ❄ button on the Breville toaster oven is a special cooking feature for frozen food. This feature is one of the advanced cooking features of a toaster oven which helps it to identify the required temperature and timings for that specific food preparation cycle. In case you are about to cook frozen food, you can press this button and your toaster oven knows exactly which temperature and how much time it needs to cook the food properly.


So, these are the Breville toaster oven problems that are very common and can be solved easily. If you are facing any other problem and want a solution for it then please comment down your problem. We will try our best to help you out as soon as possible.

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93 thoughts on “Breville Toaster Oven Problems And Fixes or Solution {TroubleShooting}”

  1. I am attempting to diagnose an issue with my Breville Toaster Oven (Model BOV800XL / A.
    Appears to be no power. Nothing appears on the display. In researching possible fixes on the internet, most point to the thermal fuse as being the possible issue. I have checked the thermal fuse and it is good. Looking for assistance as to what to try next. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    We have purchased a number of this model over the years. We replaced a previous one that also quit working and have purchased one for each of our 3 children as we do really love the oven. Disappointing that they aren’t lasting very long though.
    Please advise.
    Have a great day!

      • I am just like this customer, Had many of these and their customer service never offers any real help, just send it back for a min $99 plus repairs and parts. Now my 3rd on broke, have to consider spending $275 somewhere else, they definitely don’t last sadly.

  2. A week or so ago my Breville (abt. 5 yrs. old) would not set above 230 F on bake. So I started just using “Roast”. OK for a few days but today roast wouldn’t go above 230 deg. either. What’s going on???
    Ralph Ewton

  3. We just purchased a Breville Smart Oven B0V900BSS.. the display panel is extremely hard to see. Is there a setting to make it brighter?

  4. We love our Breville oven. However we hear a loud screeching sound when we open the door. Once before when we cooked something at 450 degrees for 30 min, the sound stopped for a short while. What is going on with this?

  5. My BOV845 is only 2 yrs old- total electrical panel glitch, when plug in it beeps and flashes, sometimes turns on heat element when touch lightbulb button- I checked thermal fuse and power is getting through there- arghhhh!!

    • Should add that it does not function properly at all, not just annoying beeps, etc. There IS power but it just glitches, changes mode, turn on/off etc. totally unpredictable

      • I have the same problem. LCD screen goes blank. Screeching, flashing. Sometimes if I keep pushing buttons and it will stop. Other times I must power it off to stop the noise and flashing.

        • I have the same problem I give it a little tap on the side near the control panel and it stops or I apply a little pressure on the side of the cover (sheet metal) near the control panel and it works it’s weird

      • I’m having the same thing happen. I’ve tried unplugging it and as soon as I attempt to plug it back in the death beeps and flicker run wild.

        Were you able to get any help from customer support?

      • Same problem here. Did anyone find a solution, yet? I suspect that the control board is fried. Bought a new 900 series, and it has a (control board?) cooling fan that runs continuously after the oven shuts off. I suspect that they know this is an issue.

    • I have this same issue and my toaster is 2 years old. did you figure out the cause? This is my second one with issues …

  6. Trying to buy thermal fuse for my Breville BOV 845.
    I paid on-line in December and am still waiting!
    Frustrating. Hard to contact Breville to complain. I refuse to buy a new oven.

  7. your video is very clear and the link to buy new thermo fuses was great.
    however! there is no information in the video about what kind of crimp connector you are using. I am attempting to replace the fuse myself and am very frustrated you left out this very important piece of information. upon researching, I find there are zillions of connectors; I will not list them here.
    any information aka specifications and source of purchase that you have would be much appreciated.

  8. When I plug my bob845 in it starts to make a buzzing sound and on the front panel is flashing, what do I do?

  9. Hi Mark,
    Our 4 yr old oven’s convention fan stopped working. We tried cleaning it and using air pressure to get the fan moving. The fan works but not when we push the button. Any suggestions?

  10. I have a breville toaster oven BOV450XL. The word darkness or slices flashes constantly even after I set the number. It seems to be working but I am concerned about a malfunction. Any suggestions?

  11. I was sitting watching tv when i heard this horrible noise. I got up to look and my Breville toaster oven started on its own, was making a terrible loud noise, was flashing and buzzing and i fimly believe if i wasn’t home my house would have burned down or if i was in bed asleep God knows what would have happened. I hadn’t even used the oven for over 8 hours.
    Purchased at the Bay not quite 2 years ago. Very serious

    • This has happened to the last two Breville ovens we had…but we love them so keep buying. It happened about 3 years in. If there’s a preventive maintenance option we’d love to hear.

    • My less than 2 year old oven could have started a fire, too. I went to use it and while everything seemed normal, it would not heat. I looked at the plug and the outlet where the plug was inserted had melted and turned black. We unplugged the unit and now it looks like part of the plug is still in the outlet (very scary looking with the melted and blackened socket). This is the second time we’ve had an issue like this with a toaster oven. Now I’m terrified to get another toaster oven for fear that my house will burn down. The first time this happened with another model, someone was at our house and unplugged the unit to keep the house from catching on fire. This time, no one was home, and thankfully the electrical issue only messed the actual unit, plug, and outlet (which will have to be replaced by an electrician).

      If I ever buy another toaster oven, I will likely always unplug when not in use or see if an electrician can help install something that will turn off the breaker to the outlet for safety sake.

  12. Sometimes my B0V900BSS select dial does not want to move up in the menu when rotated. Regardless if you move the dial slow or fast, turning CCW will move you down in the menu as often, or move often, than moving up, so you can’t get to modes high in the menu. This is an intermittent problem, when it strikes bad, you have to turn the dial for over a minute before you get more up movements than down and can finally get up to TOAST. I assume there is an encoder that gets glunked up, cleared off, then works fine for a week until too much build up causes the problem again. Is there a known solution that doesn’t require replacement?

  13. Just unboxed my oven as per the instructions, I have plugged it in and I can’t see the text on the LCD screen…it is very faint that I can just work out the larger numbers.

    Is there a way to make the text darker???

  14. My timer has stopped counting down after temp is reached….
    It’s only on things that require pre-heated applications…

  15. I just unboxed my breville smart oven air fryer pro, I followed the instructions for the initial start up, I got tot the part where you push the start button and it doesn’t do anything ? The unit is set to pizza, the display also say 375 degrees 20 minutes per the instructions, there is a small light for convection and frozen on the display ? I heard the initial beep and the start button flashed, but the oven doesn’t turn on, we press the start button and nothing !!!
    Very frustrating for such an expensive piece of equipment, I’m getting ready to box it back up, please advise if possible. Thank you

    • I have the same problem with the 900. And when I hold down the start button the display changes to show 120 over 9067. This happened after using the oven for about 2 yrs. and it has happened with the last 2 replacements sent by Breville. I am now wondering if it has something to do with my home circuit.

      • I also get 120 over 9067 and the oven is brand new. Hasn’t cooked a thing yet.

        Did you ever have an oven work after the “120 over 9067” error?

  16. My toaster oven has been in use for four years. Just recently, the bottom heating elements stopped working. So really only the broil function works as it should.

    What can be the cause and is there an easy fix?

    • It’s an old toaster……..but the heating element (I guess) is what is not working.
      I tried to bake fish…even though it says preheating, it doesn’t preheat. We
      tried the broil button and then the convection button, but no heat. Is this

  17. Help, I can’t get the timer to move above 8 minutes. This occurs only on “Bake”. Any help would be appreciated. Can’t live without my Breville. ???? Thank you.

    I appreciate all the Q&A’s. Great job.

  18. My Smart Oven BOV800XL oven door has gotten very stiff and hard to shut. I called Breville and their answer was to pay $150. and send it in for them to repair or replace with a refurbished one. Any suggestions or similar situations that could help would be appreciated.

  19. When I turn the convection feature on the oven makes a loud noise that it never made before. The rest of the features work fine. Any suggestion?

    • I am having this problem too–a loud hum when the convection feature is on. So far the features work, but the loud hum is a new development on my 2-year old oven.

  20. I just opened the latest Breville air fryer. Made one toast and then it stopped working. Display lights on. Saw a quick message 120 over 9067 and it won’t turn on in any setting. Tried several options. Different outlets. Nothing. What a piece of garbage. I had one toast.

  21. I’m have the same problem with my brand new out of the box, never been used Breville BOV900 Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro: 120 over 9067 error code – the unit won’t turn on and there’s no mention in the manual about this error code at all. This is so disappointing. My BOV900 is going back to where it was purchased. This appears to be a common issue with the Breville BOV900 but no indication of what you should do in the manual. Below is an excerpt that was taken from another thread with the same issue:

    “After almost 2 years my Breville smart oven showed 120 9067 when I pressed the start button and it wouldn’t start. I was sent a replacement and the same thing happened. A second replacement was sent, same problem. I received a request to rate the oven and I gave it a low rating based on the problem I was having. I had given up and thought any future replacement was not going to work and that the problem must have to do with the electrical circuit in my home. I received a response from a customer service rep. (Michelle Robinson) who had had similar experience and was able to offer a solution that worked. She is a model for ideal customer service and has restored my faith in Breville.”

  22. I opened the door to my Breville and I heard a “clicking” noise as if something snapped. Now the door doesn’t close tightly. It’s as if the spring or something that held the door just broke. Can this be replaced?

    How long can this toaster oven last? I’ve had it forma while now … over 5 years?

    But I just love it!


  23. Just purchased the Breville BOV650XL and the beeper is barely audible. Is there a way to increase the volume? Otherwise it is working well. It is a replacement for the 5+ year older model I had that has recently worked intermittently. The beeper on the older model was loud enough to hear a few feet away but the beeper on the new one is almost non-existent.

  24. We have had a Breville toaster oven (model above) for a few years and it has worked well. Recently the display panel and related functions have become erratic and non-functional (at least temporarily). Sometimes it works fine when turned on but more than half the time it makes a noise (humming sound), the LCD freezes or goes blank, and is clearly not functional. Light tapping on the side near the LCD panel often works to reset it but not always. Everything else (heating-wise) seems to be working OK but the erratic LCD is a real concern and it would be a shame to discard the oven if the fix is not major.

    So my questions are: What options do we have? Is this an issue that can be addressed by a homeowner? Would a general (not necessarily Breville) appliance repair shop be able to fix this? What would a Breville shop fix entail? Generally, would it be worth fixing from a cost perspective?

  25. My problem is that my oven when i turn it on begins to hum loudly.Its less than two years old.It still works but i feel it does not heat up like it used to.

  26. Is the convection symbol on the screen supposed to go around? My oven screen says convection and there is a symbol to the left of the word. The symbol has an arrow, seemingly indicating the symbol will revolve counterclockwise but it doesn’t move. Is this normal?

  27. The LCD screen displays “E06” error on my BOV900. Same as an E05 message? Thermal Fuse issue? or something else? Hesitant if electrical repairs involve being able to tell difference between red/green wires. 20 days remaining on credit card extended warranty, if denied, will circle back to trying the fuse fix, unless EO6 is not the Thermal Fuse.

    • The LCD screen will display “E06” error only when there is a non-resettable issue with the oven. We suggest you to remove the power code immediately and call the Breville customer support.

  28. Hi. We love our Smart Oven Air. Recently, the selector knob started acting oddly. Rather than the selection arrow move in the direction it should, it goes in the opposite direction. At first, we thought we might be turning it too quickly—so we slowed down our turning time. That has not helped resolve the issue. We eventually get to the function we need, but the process is often cumbersome and more time consuming than it should be.

  29. My lights come on without being touched. The LCD screen and interior light both come on. The LCD screen times out after 10 minutes then back on again after 4 along with the interior light. Is that a board issue? Thanks

  30. My Smart Oven Air BOV900 model when using the toast setting is only toasting the top side of the bread. Is this issue correctable?

  31. I have had my Breville oven air-fryer for three years. I have had no problem until the other day. It heats up, but only runs for 10 – 15 minutes, then turns off. This happens on all the settings. Any advice? We love the machine and have not used our regular oven since we got the unit.

  32. We have a Breville toaster oven BOV800XL four years old. Worked fine until recent days. Now heating elements will turn on but only remain on a minute or so then turn off for a minute or so then back on continues to cycle like this on all settings. Have changed outlets,checked circuit breakers,unplugged etc. Anyone have a fix for this???

  33. Our Breville is toasting the top of bread but not the bottom. The bottom is barely toasted when the top reaches the normal level of toasty. Solution? Thanks!

  34. Please mention the best lubricator for oven doors then please comment below and we will add the best lubricate for the oven door here.

  35. I have a Breville Toaster Oven Model BOV845 BSSUSC/A. I recently began experiencing the burning of anything I bake when following product cooking instructions. Also, when turning on the light the convection fan comes on at random and when turning the light off the fan goes off but the light stays on. Very weird.
    Has anyone experienced this or any weird behaviours that may concern the controller board?

  36. I bought a Breville Smart Oven Pro-BOV850 a week ago, what I didn’t realise is the very loud alert sound when turning on/off or when cycle is complete, this is driving my dog nuts……
    Can you advise how to make this appliance quiet please.

  37. Problem 12: Why Breville toaster oven door squeaks or door issues?

    Solution: In the case of squeaks, when your toaster oven starts squeaking then the simple solution is to lubricate the door. You just need to buy a lubricate from the market and lubricate your oven doors. If you want us to mention the best lubricator for oven doors then please comment below and we will add the best lubricate for the oven door here.

    What is the best lubricant that’s food safe, doesn’t smoke, smell, or otherwise interfere with food prep. After extensive research, it’s nearly impossible to find the best, most effective lubricant.

  38. Hi, I have a problem with the BOV450XL oven recently. The power, light, timer works but there’s no heat. Is this a fuse problem or I have a bigger issue?

    Thanks very much!

  39. My Breville has the time set for 5 minutes, and I can not change the time. I can change the functions, but on each one I am stuck with 5 minutes.


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